Rockpile Rumblings Spring Training – Day 5

     Every spring training we coordinate a special invite tryout camp. Today we had 25 individuals that went through a workout/tryout supervised by a host of our coaching staff and a handful of scouts and front office personnel. We do the basic 60 yd dash time, grade out arm strength and then we run them through a batting practice session and the pitchers face live hitters. Very seldom do we sign an individual out of these camps but the personal connection we have with scouts and players around the country, you just never know when you can find someone that has been overlooked and could help out in the system.
     Another day of optional workouts saw a larger number today. You can tell it is getting closer to real spring training workouts when the volume of players around is doubled from yesterday. The hitting groups are now at 6 and 7 each and it is difficult to use another field because of all the activity that is going on. There has been some quality work that has taken place and we believe the players are getting enough work in to get ready.
    After our workout and lunch, we all went over to watch the Rockies intrasquad game. Mostly all of the younger players were in action. It was good to see all the players that have come up through the system getting an opportunity to showcase their skills. Jason Giambi and Todd Helton were the respective managers on each squad. Giambi’s club won 6-0.
   Well tomorrow (or today,since you will read this today) is actually the first pitchers and catchers workout for the minor leagues. We also will be continuing the optional workout schedule for the position players that are here early. I am looking forward to the games.
Until then, Take time out to help someone today and don’t take any day for granted!!!
May God Bless and Never Surrender!!!
-Joe Mikulik

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YOu never know when you will find a diamond in the rough.

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