Rockpile Rumblings Spring Training – Day 4

       Another day of early optional work. We started to implement a few different variations during defensive work. For example, the infielders plan was to start working on more double play turns at second base. The outfielders worked on charging ground balls and getting themselves in a position to throw the runner out at home. The little detailed items that we are starting to cover may change the way a game is played in August. This is the time when you work on getting timing down in the batting cage, during batting practice and fielding practice. Baseball is a game of repetitions, a game of hand eye coordination. We train the mind to work with the body to perform a fundamental at a high level in intense moments. It seems as if we all were in a dark room during the off season and now we all share the light and are getting accustomed to it.
     Once again after our workout, we had more meetings, this time in our very spacious and luxurious theatre room. This area seats 100 people and has sound capabilities of 7.1 Dolby surround sound. But in here today, there were no movies. Today we discussed the administration responsibilities and regulations regarding the organization. We covered anywhere from hotel policy, per diem money, spring training and regular season tickets, expense reports, etc. We also discussed the progression of a player from the time we draft the player until he develops to be a big league player. Physical, fundamental and mental are the three areas in which the player must work on as he develops. In the early stages, the player must recognize the physical aspects of conditioning, then the fine tuning of fundamentals with constant routines and work ethic. Finally, when the mental side of the game is in order, the player is now on his way.
    To finish off the meeting we had a group discussion with certain staff presenting team fundamentals. We covered bunt defense, first and third defense, cut offs and relays, yours truly presented the pop up priorities, catchers pick offs, pitchers pick offs. It is always a healthy review for everyone to get on the same page when we perform these drills during camp. 
   That is it for today. Take time to help someone today. Don’t take any day for granted!!!
May God Bless and Never Surrender!!!
-Joe Mikulik

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