Rockpile Rumblings Spring Training- Day 6 Pitchers & Catchers

     Today marked the actual first day of Spring training for the Colorado Rockies minor league pitchers and catchers. The day started with a meeting of introductions of staff and going over organization rules. The pitchers have an organized workout labled “The Wheel”. For one hour, the pitchers have eight groups for eight stations. The groups are split two ways. Throwing groups and non-throwing groups. In the throwing group, the stations are as followed: Bullpen 35 pitches, covering 1st base, comebackers and a balance drill. The non-throwing group had a bunting station, rag smash (soft balls hit hard to work on fielding practice), tee work and soft toss. Each station was 15 minutes.
   There are now approximately 40 position players here early and also had a workout similar to the other days including defensive workouts and batting practice. The catchers had their defensive work, caught bullpens, worked on bunt plays in front of the plate and pop ups along with getting to know each other. Catchers then took batting practice followed by conditioning for all pitchers and catchers.
   That’s it for now. Take time out to help someone and don’t take any day for granted.
May God Bless and Never Surrender!!!
-Joe Mikulik

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