Rockpile Rumblings Spring Training Day 12- FUN!

     You got to have fun, find ways to be creative, find ways to have fun with a fine line of getting your work done in a quality manner. Today was the last day of the pitchers wheel. All stations of fundamentals were fine tuned in order to prepare for our team fundamentals starting tomorrow. Making sure all pitchers know their responsibilities on bunt plays, pick off situations, run downs and backing up bases. There were no bullpen sessions, giving them a chance to rest their arms, because live batting practice will take place tomorrow.

     Today we had our annual Rag smash contest. Rag smash is a fielding fundamental for the pitchers, with a coach hitting sharply a same size softer ball at a fairly short distance. Bruce Kern and Coty Woods were in the finals after all pitchers went through the drill for a few days. Woods came out the winner in a fun battle. Coty took his talents to the big league side and a host of pitchers with our big club.  Coty battled, but the overall winner was Guillermo Moscoso. 

     The catchers worked on catching pop ups off a life bat that I hit. This is a fun drill, taking the catchers to the outfield and smashing pop ups straight up simulating a pop up in a game. With the high sky and sun to contend with, it made some of the pop ups somewhat difficult but our catchers did a fine job with the drill.

    Tomorrow we start our full squad workouts.  Until then, take time to help someone today, don’t take any day for granted!!!  May God Bless and Never Surrender!!!

-Joe Mikulik

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