Rockpile Rumblings Spring Training Day 10- Did you know?

     Have you heard about the facilities at Salt River Fields? First of all, it is the first and only major league spring training complex on Native American land. This is the second year for spring training at this location.  Here is more information from Wikipedia about the complex:
     The field turf is made up of a specially engineered Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass grown in Eloy, Arizona.[5] There are 7,000 fixed seats in the grandstand and 4,000 lawn seats for a total estimated seating capacity of 11,000, however opening day attendance is listed as 12,514. There are also luxury suites, three party pavilions, and a kids zone. Each team has a 85,000-square-foot (7,900 m2) clubhouse (with offices, fitness, and locker rooms), six full size practice fields (one with the same dimensions as the respective teams home stadium), two infield only practice diamonds, batting cages.[6] The Diamondbacks occupy the facilities along the left field and the Rockies are in the right field area. Several points of access to the stadium bring visitors in right through the middle of the practice fields and batting facilities. Additionally the complex also boasts two lit soccer fields and a three acre man made lake which is home to 17,000 fish.[7]
    Coming to work at this facility everyday is  unbelievable. Every aspect of this place has been well planned out, with precise judgment of how a spring training complex will benefit an orgainization. You have to see it to believe it.
     Pitchers worked up to 45 pitches today. Gaining momentum to the start of the season. Also, pitchers continued to work on their defense, going over bunt plays and other aspects to better their skills. So far, knock on wood, injuries have been at a minimum. That can be a good sign at these early stages.
    The catchers did a 4 corner drill, standing 60 feet apart, at all 4 bases and for 1 minute threw the ball around the horn in one direction, 30 second rest, then fired it the other direction for a minute, 30 second rest, then threw to random bases for a minute. That followed by working on communicating a relay throw with an instructor firing balls with a machine, a cutoff man and the catcher yelling to either cut the ball or by saying nothing, the ball goes to home. Once again, these are the little things constantly worked on to hone skills necessary to become proficient in this game.
    Oh yes, and the early position players that are here, continue to get ready for the start of their campaign which is Saturday.
    The weather held off, kind of cool but pleasant.
     Until tomorrow, take time to help someone today, don’t take any day for granted!!!
     May God Bless You and Never Surrender!!!
-Joe Mikulik

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